Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hair, Hair, Everywhere Hair

My mom will tell you that my hair is my best feature. As an immodest child I had no problem telling everyone that I had move star hair like Julia Roberts. It is thick and luxurious. As an adult I wear it up in a clip almost everyday.

I am against wedding hair that doesn't look like your everyday hair. I don't want to look back at my pictures and think who is that woman at wedding.
So I have decided to go with my hair down and accentuate my natural waves and curls. They are unruly on their own so this involves blowing my hair straight and recurling it. My mother gets this dubious honor.
Next time she visits we are going to see the fabulous Janet at R & Co in Turkey Creek. (If you live in Knoxville go see her, she is fab-u-lous) Janet will help coach my mom and how to get the perfect curls.
Here is some inspiration:
Source: Unknown, The Knot
I am working on making a new barrette with a large flower and small bit of veil. I became dissatisfied with the first result and got some great new inspiration from etsy. That is on hold until I finish making a hot pink bra for my new dance costume.

Where have I been for almost a month?

Chillaxing and dancing. That is how it goes sometimes. Things are sort of at a stand still.
Here is a brief recap of recent events.

1. We booked The Ft. Lauderdale Grande Hotel and Yacht Club for the night before the cruise. My dad was kind enough to spring for the rooms for everyone involved in the wedding. This is good news for my MOH and ring bearer's parents.
2. Oh, I got a ring bearer. Will take picture of his super cute birds nest that the rings will come down the aisle on.
3. Picked out wedding bands. They won't let me take a pic until we pay which I will do on Saturday.
4. My mom got a ridiculously hot dress. They didn't have petite so she has to shorten it.
5. The mother of the groom wants to get her hair done so I put the groom in charge of that appointment.

This means he has two jobs now. The hair appt. details and keeping the google spreadsheet of guest details up to date.

Oh, let's talk about my hair.