Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The countdown is on

People keep asking me how many days to my wedding. This is not something I really cared about but it felt odd to not know so, I wrote the days down in my calendar. -It is on the side of this blog but I never look at the public page. Anyway, 88 days.

Things are moving along. We have reservations, party plans, the cake is picked out, etc.

I have ordered all the things to go in the favors which I will post more about when the items come and I can take assembly pictures. Now it is time for more work on the clothes.

Chris has an appointment tomorrow at John H Daniel, a Tailor in Knoxville. They make some of the best suits in the US for the likes of Tiger Woods and Bill O'Reilly. I am sure some of their lines are very much out of our price range but if you live here in Knoxville and go right to their main tailoring site you can get a great deal on a pretty standard suit. Chris has such long arms that it is hard for him to find a suit that fits without lots of expensive tailoring. We have worked out that going to John H Daniel will cost him less than Mens Warehouse.

As for me, I had another superb dress fitting. I am going to be so gorgeous. I feel like a princess. I don't have any dress pictures since it is still not put together but here is a picture of the FINAL selection of shoes.

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