Thursday, October 2, 2008


First, congratulations to our friends Claudia and Willie who are getting married this Saturday. Claudia and I have been sharing ideas and resources through out our planning process.

Things are coming along. Chris and I finalized our choices for the ceremony and reception. I just sent them off to Royal Ocean Events. The clothes are being worked on.

There was mini-ring disaster. My ring came in as yellow gold due to a clerical error. Ann at Lamon's sent it back out and I will get my white gold on soon enough. Since I can't take a picture until the final payment is made, I found some look a likes on The Knot.

Chris's ring looks like this. The main part is Matte and the small stripe is polished.

I am a little shocked that he didn't pick just plain, but the line on this ring really suites him.

Now ignore the engagement ring. My band looks like this. It fits against the curve of my e-ring and will be set with all Sapphires.

One final picture. Here is an updated picture of the Crow's Nest where our ceremony will take place.

I don't really know how the furniture arranging will work. I assume they will use the smaller chairs (in the background at the table) to arrange ceremony seating and then just leave the usual lounge set up for the reception. I love that it is going to be cozy couches and chairs at the reception.

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