Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Let the favors begin

Doing favors for a DW is hard. You can't really bring lots of edible things on a hot plane (or in my parents hot car where my luggage will be riding). So I am doing several small favors along the way.

It's no secret I love etsy. Why not get something handmade and promote small businesses. Everyone gets gifts from etsy from now on. So yesterday I ordered 20 of these awesome luggage tags.

I need to collect personal info from all our guests to put together the immigration sheets. This includes passport number and place of birth, etc. I am going to make an easy fill in the blank sheet and mail it out with one of these awesome tags. Everyone will have something bright to spot their bags. I think it is cool way to say thanks for coming to our wedding and thanks for being patient and letting me collect enough personal info to take over your identity.

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