Thursday, June 19, 2008

Something for the Boys

~Chris knows that he is not allowed to read this blog so don't worry.

As much time as I have spent accessorizing myself it is time to accessorize the groom. First his tie. I found this awesome tie on etsy from seller toybreaker. I think it fits a mechanical engineer perfectly.

Here is a small detail. Can you tell that the printing is actually pretty low so it may not show at all which is fine.

And what about this tie for the dads and maybe Chris's witness? I think the ship motif makes a good commemorative tie and it is not lame.

I haven't decided on the cuff links I am going to order Chris as his gift. What do you think? (leave a comment).

First, there are these which go with our birdie theme.

Then there are these Lego ones which kind of go with Chris's design side and I know he had much love for the Lego's.


Anonymous said...

I love the Lego's things! (sorry for my english)

Anonymous said...

I like the birdies but I think Chris would like the Legos.