Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Clothes and Accesories Redux

I had my first fitting on Sunday and "Wow!". Even though it is only the pattern and made out of muslin, I am in love. Jillian made one strap and 1/2 the top out of satin to see how it lays. It looks stellar. She took my trim and cut around so the individual pieces can be laid in a different pattern, Then she put light blue crystals in with the gold. Since my trim is gold (and isn't it one of my colors) I had to go with a new necklace.

This one is from etsy seller Timelesstrinkets.
Jillian is going to try and incorporate some seed pearls into the trim too.
Since now we have gold, pearls and crystals - the shoes were just too much. I sent them back. Yay! for Zappos free shipping. I am now on the hunt for light blue strappy sandal.
I ordered the men's ties. Chris and his best man get the Victorian Gears tie in navy on baby blue and the dads get the Cliipership tie in white on navy.
I went with the lego cuff links and got these; baby blue which I hope to match the tie. From etsy seller cufflinks.
I know we are going with blues allover the spectrum but usually when you have enough shades they all come together as complimentary.
I still haven't decided if I should get the mom's something since the dads get ties. The parents as couples will get a traditional parents gift.

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