Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Blue (not suede) Shoes

I am not a shoes person. I am a bag person. This is because I have oddly shaped feet. They are flat but wider st the toe than the middle. The left is an 8 1/2 the right is a 9 1/2. I was not uber-excited about my wedding shoes until I browsed around and found the new trend of wearing colored shoes. I think a splash of color is just what my ensemble needs.
I found 2 pair. One is exactly what I imagined, the other looks like shoes I would actually wear. They are both from and they have free shipping both ways so I thought, why not?

These are the shoes I dreamed of. Wouldn't I look very Marilyn in these babies with a short dress? These look more like my actual style. I prefer strappy and I think the little rhinestones are a nice touch.

Now I have to wait see which ones look best on and with my dress - and if either even fit. The Zappos returns department and I may become good friends.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, those are some great shoes, can I have the ones you don't chose.