Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Before they had Dr. Phil as a spokesperson

We met on match.com. I always point out that I was kind of joking about it, and Chris really wanted to meet someone. I wasn't go to pay any money for it so I signed up for a 3 day free trial and *winked* at every guy I liked.
Chris responded. We e-mailed for a month about movies, vacations, whatever. I was convinced that ours was an e-friendship. His cousin came to visit so he said he would be offline for a few days. Then he e-mailed me a photo of a concert flyer and said his cousin recommends the band and did I want to go.
The show was in the Woodruff Building and we made plans to meet on Market Square. He asked me to meet him by the big bell opposite the stage at 6pm. I had been to market square many times and did not recall ever seeing a bell. I questioned him as to if this was a prank. He assured me that it was not.

I still have the note I jotted on a piece of kappa stationary.

Aug 6
market square
opposite the stage
bell that may not exist

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