Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Proposal

Fast forward to July 23, 2007 (almost 3 years later)
the bell that may not exist

Chris often asks what our plans are for the next few weeks. He knows that I will have plans that far in advance and that he was not listening when I told him what they were. On one occasion, after I rattled off which days were what and which days were free, he suggested we go out to eat on that Monday.
Both of us had recently suggested going to our favorite Indian Restaurant but the other wasn't that hungry or some other reason not too. I decided what a great time to go. Chris said no he really wanted to eat on the Square. We should go to the new Thai place. I admit I thought this was odd for the following reasons:
I always drag Chris downtown on a weeknight and it is an hour from where he works.
He really had wanted to go to Sitar for a while.
He knows I am worn out of every restaurant on the Square (it is less than 20 yards from my work).
I agreed and he came to meet me in my office after work. As we walked out the back to Koi, he paused near the bell and said this is where we met. I got nervous and started rambling about how I still can't believe I hadn't noticed it and why is it here, there is no plaque....
Chris took my hand and something about being together, and love -FOCUS, FOCUS on what he is saying I kept telling myself - but my heart was pounding and my eyes were shifting and I felt all weird. He ended with something about wanting to marry me. I stared at him blankly and he stared back.
Finally I spoke, "Was there a question in there?"
"Jen Clark, will you marry me?"
And then I called everyone I know in the phone.

He had actually called my mom and asked permission so she already knew. And she couldn't keep her mouth shut! When I called my Grandma Bertie her response was, "I know. Me and your momma already did a happy dance in the kitchen."


tiger73180 said...

That sounds like a beautiful story! I am so happy to hear you are engaged!!! I saw your post on our pink book site. That's my company! Anyway, sounds like you are having a great time getting ready for the wedding! Best Wishes!

Jen said...


Did you read the previous post? That's you with the phone call at the end.

tiger73180 said...

I did. I thoughts so! Exciting time!!! My email is tiger73180@gmail.com