Thursday, May 15, 2008

Shower Fun!

Miss Peacock had this great post about bridal showers over on WeddingBee.

Since Chris and I have already set up house we don't need much. We really only registered because we know some people like to buy off a registry. We were only going to register on but we realized some people like to actually go to a store so we registered at Bed, Bath and Beyond. Both registries are small but we feel okay about that since we only expect about 20 guests. I expect that most registry purchases will actually come from the shower my co-workers will throw.

Now ettiquette says you should only invite people who are invited to your wedding when you have a shower but when you have a destination wedding this goes out the window. Most destination weddings are small and your friends who are not invited still want to celebrate. My bellydance girlfriends want to have a shower, my aunt wants to have a shower back home (Owensboro, KY) and I know we will have a shower at work.

I like the ideas on Miss Peacock's post about theme showers that vere off of the registry. Chris and I a have a Wii, a DS and we love board games so I think a fun and games shower would be cool. It can have pricey presents like Wii games and not so pricey presents like simple board games and puzzles. - When it snows I do lots of puzzles. I also have my eye on those table topics games where you draw the card about what you should talk about.

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